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Residential Solar Officer VIC


Residential Solar

Energy Efficient And Cost Effective Solar System

Typical households can save up to $1073 per year on their electricity bills when they install solar panels.

How Does Solar Energy Work?

As we all know, the sun is an energy source that can be harnessed by us. It’s what causes solar power and makes it possible for us to transform this radiant generational force into useful forms such as electricity which flows through cables or other devices made from specific materials called photovoltaic cells (which have been discovered).

Solar energy is a clean, renewable source of power that produces little to no emissions. Just one megawatt hour counteracts about 1 tonne CO2! With solar panels made from silicon which pose zero danger or risk in terms toxins leaks makes them safe and reliable too – not mention sustainable & inexhaustible.

We Are Building A Sustainable Future

Design Electrics is the place for all your solar needs.
Our installation process is broken down into 5 steps.

Residential Solar Panels

Solar energy is set to trigger a change of dynamics when it comes to energy utilization/consumption.

Hassle Free Installation

Our team is highly qualified and experienced at installing solar systems. Installation will be completed quickly and effectively, ensuring you have your solar up and running as soon as possible.

$0 Upfront Payment

You don’t pay a cent until installation has begun so you can ensure you will get what you pay for.

0% Interest Loans

We’ve partnered with Brighte Finance to help you both get your solar system sooner and pay it off sooner!

10 Year Workmanship Warranty

We’re so confident in our work that we’ve guaranteed the workmanship for 10 years!

High Quality Products

We've partnered with industry leading companies providing quality products to keep your system operational for many years.

Solar System Maintenance & Servicing

Our Team can provide yearly system health checks and preventive maintenance solutions.

Residential Solar

Save money and protect the environment by installing solar panels on your home.





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Designs electrical is your “one stop solar shop”.

We have all you need to power your home or business with clean, renewable energy. From large systems that will save thousands over time on electricity bills – we can help pick out which option works best for you!

Call (03) 8795 7384 today and find out how easy it is to create a greener world.