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Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar Systems

Australian businesses are staring rising electricity prices in the face, but there’s a way to lower your energy bills - SOLAR! Solar energy is the perfect solution to cutting your electricity bills while also helping the environment. Once your commercial solar panels are installed, you’ll be using less power for your business and the savings will start rolling in. Our experienced team has installed systems ranging from 15kW right through to 1 MegaWatt systems. No job is too big or small for our team.

Design Electrics Will Help You Through The Entire Process:

  • We help you choose the best products and system size tailored to your business’s needs.
  • We provide an estimated performance report and a detailed design.
  • Our experienced and accredited electricians carry out the solar panel installation.
  • Our commercial solar panels can be installed in a custom fashion, if necessary.
  • After completing installation, we test all our systems to ensure they work properly and that all standards have been complied with.
  • We provide system maintenance, improvements, and follow-ups when needed.

We Are Building A Sustainable Future

Design Electrics is the place for all your solar needs.
5 reasons to invest NOW in SOLAR for your business.

Government Incentives

There are state and federal rebates and grants available for Australian businesses wanting to switch to solar power, helping you create a greener business sooner.

Attractive Return On Investment

Your solar system will pay for itself in a short period of time. The savings roll in with your reliable and efficient system, meaning your cost recovery will begin immediately.

Reduce Bill Shock

Reduce rising electricity costs by switching to solar. Our Solar Systems reduce your electricity consumption, hence providing savings on your operating costs leaving you with extra capital to put towards other costs within your business.

Have A Back Up

Energy produced that isn't consumed from your solar panels will allow a Battery to be a viable option. If a Battery is installed this will provide your company with power at night and during cloudy days.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Your company will be helping to reduce CO2 emissions and create a greener future for all.

Commercial Solar Packages

Increase your business’s profits by saving on electricity bills with SOLAR! Cut your energy bills and bring
your business another step closer to being as eco friendly as possible.

15kW- Small Business

30kW - Small/Medium Business

50kW - Commercial / Industrial

100kW - Big Commercial

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Design Electrics is your “One Stop Solar Shop”.

Find the perfect fit for your home or business from our packages, including solar batteries and a choice between on or off grid systems. Solar energy is the smart choice to save money or tailored solution to suit your needs and create a greener future. For more information or to start setting up your business’s solar system, give our team a call on (03) 8795 7384 or contact us here.